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$15 Billion Demand for Residential Roofing

Unlocking the Potential of Residential Roofing: How a Career in Sales Can Help You Achieve Financial Success

When it comes to the residential roofing industry, it's not just about the number of squares being installed - it's also about the value of those squares. According to a recent market report, while the demand for residential roofing in terms of area may only expand minimally by 2025, demand in value terms is expected to climb at a rapid 8.2% annually, reaching $15 billion.

But what does this mean for those looking to break into the roofing industry? For sales professionals, this presents a huge opportunity to earn significant commissions by selling more expensive roofing products that offer superior performance and aesthetic properties.

At Allied Emergency Services, we understand the potential of this industry and are always looking for ambitious individuals to join our team of canvassers and salesmen. As a canvasser or salesmen with AES, you'll have the opportunity to earn big commissions by selling high-value roofing products to homeowners and homebuilders.

But it's not just about the money - at AES, we pride ourselves on our company culture and the comradery among our sales team. We offer ongoing training and support to help you unlock your full potential as a sales professional and achieve the success you deserve.

If you're ready to take the next step in your career and unlock the potential of the residential roofing industry, check out our current job listings in Chicagoland and surrounding areas. Don't forget to visit our roofing and restoration site for more information on our services.

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