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Peoria Recover: Roofing Sales Careers Await

The recent 3/31/2023 hail storm in Peoria, IL left many homeowners with damaged roofs and a need for prompt, reliable service. At Allied Emergency Services, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support to affected communities, and we're seeking talented individuals to join our team as roof salesmen, sales managers, and door-to-door appointment setters. Apply now at Read More

New Career Opportunities After Layoffs in 2023

The year 2023 has brought with it a wave of layoffs, leaving many in West Chicago, Beecher, Worth, McCook, and Palatine searching for new job opportunities. However, there is a beacon of hope shining bright in the form of Allied Emergency Services (AES). AES is now hiring individuals who have been affected by layoffs and are in need of a new career path.

At AES, you will have the opportunity to work in a role that offers both freedom and the great outdoors. As a ca... Read More

Canvassing for Cash

Are you looking for a high-paying job with unlimited potential? Look no further than canvassing for Allied Emergency Services. As a canvasser, you'll be responsible for setting appointments with homeowners in need of roof repairs or replacements. And the best part? You'll get paid for every appointment you set, regardless of whether or not the homeowner ultimately chooses to move forward with the service.

At AES, we know that canvassing can be tough work. T... Read More

Company Culture at Allied Emergency Services

At Allied Emergency Services, we take pride in our company culture. We are a homegrown, American-made business that values hard work, determination, and a strong sense of community. Our team is made up of individuals from all walks of life, united by a common goal: to provide the best possible service to our customers.

But we don't just stop at providing exceptional service. We also believe in investing in our employees and providing opportunities for growth. G... Read More

Step in the Right Direction with Cougar Paws

As a roofing salesman, your job is not just about closing deals and making money, it's also about making sure you're taking care of yourself and your safety while on the job. One way to do this is by investing in a quality pair of roofing shoes. Enter Cougar Paws.

Cougar Paws are specially designed roofing shoes that provide extra grip and support for those who are constantly climbing on and off roofs. These shoes have patented "roofing pads" on the sole th... Read More

Drones are Revolutionizing the Industry

Roofing salesmen have long been known for their fearless attitude when it comes to climbing onto roofs and inspecting them for damage. However, times are changing and with the advancement of technology, it's becoming easier and safer for salesmen to inspect roofs without ever having to set foot on them. Drones are now being utilized by roofing companies as a way to inspect roofs and provide potential customers with detailed assessments of the condition of their roofs.Read More

The Dynamic Duo

When it comes to the roofing industry, the partnership between a canvasser and a roof salesman is a winning combination. A canvasser's job is to set appointments for the salesman, while the salesman's job is to close the sale. Together, these two roles create a seamless process that can lead to increased sales and success for the company.

The canvasser acts as the "foot soldier" for the sales team, going door-to-door and identifying potential customers. The... Read More

The Benefits of Using a Canvasser

Are you looking to take your roof sales game to the next level? One strategy that can give you a significant edge over your competition is to use a canvasser to set appointments for you.

A canvasser is a person who goes door-to-door in a specific neighborhood, talking to homeowners and collecting information about their roofing needs. They can also set appointments for you to come back and give a sales presentation at a later time.

There are several benef... Read More

Providing Value to Your Clients

Roofing sales can be a challenging field, but one of the keys to success is providing value to your clients. One way to do this is by highlighting industry standards and using them to your advantage. For example, at Allied Emergency Services, we offer a 10-year transferable warranty on all of our roofing projects. This is one of the best warranties in the industry and can be a valuable selling point when competing against other roofing companies.

Industry standards... Read More

Overcoming Objections at the Door

As a roofing salesman, one of the most challenging aspects of the job is dealing with common objections that homeowners may have when you knock on their door. These objections can range from "I'm not interested" to "I can't afford it" and can be frustrating to hear, especially if you've spent hours building a pipeline and traveling door to door. However, with the right approach, it is possible to overcome these objections and close more sales.

One of th... Read More


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