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The Role of a General Manager

As the roofing industry continues to evolve and grow, the role of the General Manager (GM) has become increasingly important. The GM's mission is to manage the day-to-day operations of the office, allowing the owner to focus on other areas of the business. In order to be successful, the GM must prioritize and excel in three key areas: sales, production, and collections.

Sales: The GM must ensure that the sales department is staffed and trained, with key sales m... Read More

How to Make Your Phone Blow Up with Roofing Sales

When it comes to roofing sales, building a pipeline is crucial to your success. A pipeline is essentially a list of potential customers or leads that you can reach out to and sell your services to. The key to building a strong pipeline is to continuously add new leads to your list and nurture existing ones. This means reaching out to potential customers, following up with leads, and providing them with valuable information about your services.

One of the best ways ... Read More

The Last Dying Breed of Hustlers

The roofing industry has been around for centuries, and it's no secret that it's a tough business. The long hours, physical labor, and unpredictable weather conditions make it a challenging career choice. But for those who are cut out for it, the rewards can be significant.

One of the most important roles in the roofing industry is that of the salesman. These individuals are responsible for drumming up business, identifying potential customers, and closing... Read More

Unlocking Multi-Trade Project Sales

As a salesperson, working for a general contractor can open up a world of opportunities. Not only do you have the chance to sell a variety of projects, but you also have the ability to expand your reach beyond just one specific trade.

One of the biggest advantages of working for a general contractor is the ability to sell multi-trade projects. Instead of being limited to only one trade, you have the opportunity to sell a variety of services such as roofing, siding,... Read More

Chicagoland the Perfect Market for Big Earnings

If you're considering a career in roof sales, there's no better place to be than Chicagoland. This area is the perfect market for salesmen looking to make big money. Here's why:

First, the homes in Chicagoland are huge. Many of them have steep roofs, which means more square footage to sell. And with more square footage comes more potential for profits.

Second, Chicagoland has strict license requirements for roofing contractors. This means that... Read More

Jump into the Roofing Sales Game

As the weather starts to warm up and spring approaches, it's important for salesmen to start thinking about making the switch to a career in the roofing and construction industry. One of the biggest reasons to make the move now is because storm season is right around the corner. The Midwest is known for its severe thunderstorms and hailstorms that can cause significant damage to homes and buildings. This is the time of year when the demand for roofing services skyrockets... Read More

How to Apply for a Job with AES

The job search process has never been easier with Allied Emergency Services. Our simple three-step process makes it easy for job seekers to find the perfect match for their skills and qualifications.

First, create an account by logging in with an existing Gmail or LinkedIn account or creating a new account on our website. Next, browse through our job listings and find the one that best matches your area of expertise and qualifications. Finally, fulfill the requirem... Read More

New Job Listings

Are you looking for a career change or a new opportunity to grow your earning potential? Look no further than Allied Emergency Services (AES). We are currently hiring for a variety of positions in the roofing and construction industry, with huge earning potential for the right candidates.

At AES, we believe in rewarding hard work and dedication. That's why we offer competitive pay on a commission basis, meaning the more you sell, the more you make.

I... Read More

How to Get Started with a Career at AES

At Allied Emergency Services, we understand that taking the first step towards a new career can be daunting. That's why we've made it easy for you to get started. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting out, we have opportunities that can help you reach your career goals.

The first step is to create an account with us. This can be done quickly and easily by logging in with your existing Gmail or LinkedIn account or by creating a ... Read More

Join Our Team as a Roofing Salesperson

Are you looking for an exciting career with endless earning potential? Look no further than Allied Emergency Services! As a general contractor focusing on storm damage restoration, we are always looking for ambitious and driven individuals to join our team as a roofing salesperson.

As a salesperson with AES, you will have the opportunity to earn money based on your performance. Our pay structure is based on commission, and the more roofs you sell, the more money yo... Read More


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