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The Benefits of Using a Canvasser

Maximizing Sales: The Benefits of Using a Canvasser for Roofing Appointments

Are you looking to take your roof sales game to the next level? One strategy that can give you a significant edge over your competition is to use a canvasser to set appointments for you.

A canvasser is a person who goes door-to-door in a specific neighborhood, talking to homeowners and collecting information about their roofing needs. They can also set appointments for you to come back and give a sales presentation at a later time.

There are several benefits to using a canvasser for your roof sales. First, it saves you time and energy. Instead of spending hours walking door-to-door yourself, a canvasser can do the legwork for you. This means you can focus on closing deals instead of finding leads.

Second, a canvasser can help you target specific neighborhoods. They can collect information about the age of the homes, the type of roofing material, and even the homeowners' insurance information. This can help you identify the best leads and target your sales efforts more effectively.

Third, a canvasser can also help you establish credibility with homeowners. They can introduce you as a representative of Allied Emergency Services, a reputable company that they've already had contact with.

Finally, using a canvasser can increase your close rate. When homeowners have already been contacted and have agreed to a sales appointment, they are more likely to be open to hearing your pitch and potentially making a purchase.

Allied Emergency Services provides a 10 year transferable warranty which is the best warranty in the industry. This provides a huge value for the homeowner.

Overall, using a canvasser can be a valuable addition to your roof sales strategy. If you're looking to increase your leads and close more deals, it's definitely worth considering.

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