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Q&A with Veteran Roof Salesmen

Expert Insights: Q&A with Veteran Roof Salesmen at Allied Emergency Services

When it comes to selling roofs, experience is key. And at Allied Emergency Services (AES), we have some of the most experienced and successful roof salesmen in the industry. So, we reached out to some of our veteran sales associates to get a better understanding of what it takes to excel in this role.

One of the most common questions was about earning potential. And while it's true that AES offers competitive compensation, it's important to note that the earning potential is largely based on individual performance and effort. Many of our top performers earn well over $100,000 a year, but it takes hard work and dedication to get there.

Another question that came up was about the company culture. Our veteran salesmen noted that AES is a company that values its employees and is committed to helping them achieve their goals. They also highlighted the importance of teamwork and the willingness to help each other out, which is especially important when working in the field.

When it comes to training and development, our veteran salesmen were impressed with the resources provided by AES. They felt that the training programs and workshops offered helped them to quickly become proficient in their roles and feel confident in their abilities.

If you're considering a career as a roof salesman and have questions of your own, we encourage you to visit our career and recruiting page to learn more about the opportunities available. Join us and become one of our veteran salesmen and experience the excitement and reward a career in roof sales can offer.

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