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Virtual Sales Positions the Future of Restoration

Posted On : 30 May, 2023 Sales 3 Traits

At Allied Emergency Services, we believe in transforming homes and lives. We provide exceptional roofing, siding, and window services, ensuring our customers receive top-quality home restoration, whether for retail or insurance restoration. Now, we're seeking dynamic individuals to join our virtual sales team. We have two positions open: Appointment Setters and Virtual Salesman.

Virtual Appointment Setter

The Appointment Setter will set "free, no-obligation inspections" with property owners, ensuring each lead is qualified based on specific criteria:

  • The property owner must be present during the inspection.
  • The property must be insured.
  • The owner must not be under any contract with another company for similar services.
  • The property must be located in a storm damage area.

The appointment setter will receive a competitive pay plan, with incentives based on the number of qualified appointments set. This role offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the company's growth while building a rewarding career.

Virtual Salesman

The Virtual Salesman will work on selling roof replacements virtually, leveraging digital tools like DocuSign to execute contracts. The sales team will work with qualified leads and sell to both retail and insurance restoration clients.

Our salespeople will benefit from a supportive team environment, comprehensive training, and an attractive commission structure. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced sales professionals looking to take their careers to the next level within a forward-thinking company.

Basic Commission Plan

Our basic commission plan is designed to reflect your effort and skills, rewarding you generously for your dedication and results. Here's a glimpse into what you could be earning:

Appointment Setters: You earn $25 for each qualified appointment you set that meets our criteria. For an appointment setter making 40 appointments a week, that's a potential earning of $1,000 per week, translating into $52,000 per year.

Sales Team: Your earnings as part of our sales team are based on a percentage of the total sale amount. With an industry-competitive commission rate of 10%, you stand to earn substantial income. For example, if you close an insurance restoration contract worth $20,000, your commission would be $2,000. If you close just two such contracts a week, your potential annual income exceeds $200,000.

We also offer bonuses and incentives for hitting sales targets, ensuring there's always a reward for going above and beyond.

Remember, these are just examples, and actual earnings can vary based on performance. We provide the tools, training, and support; your earnings depend on your effort and skill. Join us to discover the potential of your earning power!

Enhanced Commission Plan

Our enhanced commission plans are meticulously designed to reward you for your hard work, dedication, and sales prowess. We want to empower our employees to reach new professional heights, and our commission structure reflects this commitment.

Virtual Appointment Setter Enhanced Commission Plan

As an Appointment Setter, you are the vital first point of contact with potential customers. For your valuable role in setting high-quality appointments, we offer an attractive commission package:

  • Flat-Rate Commission: For every qualified appointment set, you earn a flat-rate commission, rewarding your consistent hard work.
  • Conversion Bonus: Should your appointment convert into a sale, you will receive an additional bonus. This way, we appreciate not just quantity, but quality of appointments set.

Virtual Salesman Enhanced Commission Plan

As a Virtual Salesman, your role is pivotal in driving the revenue growth of Allied Emergency Services. Your commission plan consists of two main components:

  • Sales Commission: For every retail sale (straight bid), you earn a generous percentage of the total sale value, providing you with a direct share of the profits you generate.
  • Insurance Restoration Bonus: For sales related to insurance restoration (direct insurance billed), you are rewarded with a commission calculated as a percentage of the total insurance payout. This bonus reflects the complexity and expertise required in the insurance restoration process.

Bonus Incentives

To further bolster your earning potential, we also offer:

  • Sales Threshold Bonuses: Upon reaching certain sales milestones, you will receive an additional bonus as a token of our appreciation for your outstanding performance.
  • Referral Bonuses: If you refer a successful candidate to any position in our company, we offer a referral bonus as a thank you for helping grow our team.

The specific rates and percentages of our commission plans are competitive, designed to reward top performers, and are communicated upon job offer following the interview process.

If you're ambitious, energetic, and ready for a job that rewards you fairly, we invite you to apply today at Allied Emergency Services Careers. Become a part of our dedicated team and enjoy the perks of a well-structured and rewarding commission plan!

Ready to redefine the future of home restoration services with us? Apply now for our Virtual Sales Positions at Allied Emergency Services Careers or contact us at 1-800-792-0212 for more information.